The Sport Invest srl project took shape when Valerio Antonini, who fell in love with Trapani thanks to his partner originally from the city, felt the need to invest in the local sports sector and contribute to the revitalization of the area. Recognizing the potential of the city’s two main teams, Trapani Calcio and Trapani Basket, he decided to create a company dedicated to the management and revitalization of these sports clubs, with the goal of making them grow and lead them to success. However, the ambition of Antonini and Sport Invest srl goes beyond simply supporting sports teams. Thanks to the enthusiasm and determination of Valerio Antonini and the Sport Invest srl team, the project aims to leave a lasting and positive imprint on the city of Trapani, fueling the passion for sports and contributing to the revitalization of the area in all its facets.


Valerio Antonini, born in Rome and a Lazio fan, Valerio is a successful entrepreneur in global agricultural commodities trading. His experience in the business world began with working with the Casillo Group, and in 2020 he decided to found Quanton Commodities Ltd, a British trading house specializing in international grain trading. The company, under Valerio’s leadership, achieves a turnover of more than 300 million euros, with more than 1.7 million tons of agricultural products traded.

Valerio, driven by a passion for sports rooted in a 20-year friendship with Diego Armando Maradona and a deep personal bond with the city of Trapani, decided to embark on this new adventure. His partner, originally from Trapani, made him discover and love this city, prompting him to decide to invest in the local sports sector.

Thanks to his expertise, determination, and the influence of his historic friendship with Maradona, Valerio is committed to creating the conditions for the success of the two teams and the well-being of the local community

With Sport Invest srl, Valerio Antonini combines his passion for sports, his entrepreneurial experience, and his love for Trapani, creating an ambitious and sustainable project that aims to grow the teams and develop initiatives and partnerships that benefit the local area and community.


The philosophy and values of Sport Invest srl stem from a passion for sports and a love for the city of Trapani. The company, led by founder Valerio Antonini, has as its primary objective the management and revitalization of two important local sports clubs, Trapani Calcio and Trapani Basket, but its vision goes far beyond that.

Commitment to sporting excellence

Sport Invest Ltd. firmly believes in promoting sporting excellence and showcasing local talent. The company is committed to providing clubs with the resources and support they need to achieve important results and to create an environment in which athletes and technical staff can grow and constantly improve.

Sustainability and social responsibility

The company places great emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility, aiming to create a long-term project that can have a positive impact on the community and the environment. Sport Invest Ltd. is committed to promoting eco-friendly practices and supporting initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for its citizens.

Involvement with the local community

The link with the local area and community is a core value for Sport Invest srl. The company intends to act as a catalyst for the development of initiatives and collaborations that can involve and enhance the Trapani community. Sport Invest srl is convinced that sport can be a tool for integration and social growth, and is committed to supporting educational, cultural and solidarity projects in the area

Transparency and integrity

Sport Invest srl believes in transparency and integrity as fundamental values in the management of sports clubs. The company is committed to open communication with fans, partners, and the community, ensuring ethical and responsible management of resources and investments.

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